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What is Memoirabilia? A website that brings those interested in reading & writing memoir together through blog posts, podcasts & book reviews

Thinking of writing a memoir? Or maybe you’ve already written a memoir and want to let others know about your book?

Well you’ve come to the right place for both: Welcome to MEMOIRABILIA where we offer advice on memoir writing, post or podcast book excerpts and offer book reviews of your book and those by others.

Originally launched at the beginning of 2015, this site also presented a printed magazine featuring stories submitted by members of our ??MEMOIRABILIA FACEBOOK GROUP. Unfortunately, that beautifully printed magazine proved far too expensive to publish. However, in the interests of achieving its original purpose, MEMOIRABILIA still offers advice online and promotes authors via book reviews and podcasts.

So how can you get an excerpt from your book podcast, along with posted links to where the book can be purchased? Just enquire using the CONTACT LINK in the menu. There is no charge for podcasting but you may have to do the initial recording of your piece. Keep it 5 minutes if you can, and send us an mp3 along with the transcript. We’ll do the rest. Oh, we do reserve the right to refuse your submission if for any reason we don’t feel it’s appropriate or will be enjoyed my our listeners.

As for our BOOK REVIEW SERVICE, please visit the link below on our all-genre site at VIANVI for more information on getting your book reviewed and featured on MEMOIRABILIA.??http://vianvi.com/book-reviews-faqs/


MEMOIRABILIA??is brought to you by VIGA BOLAND, facilitator of memoir writing workshops and author of 4 memoirs:

NO TEARS for my FATHER, a true story of incest which won a Gold Medal in the 2014 Readers Favorite Book Awards.

LEARNING TO LOVE MYSELF, the story of Viga’s recovery and self-discovery through love, written at the request of her fans and friends

THE LADIES of LORETTO, ??a tongue-in-cheek, whimsical and funny look of Viga’s 4 years of attending a Catholic High School in the 1960’s

VOICE FROM AN URN, Viga’s mother’s side of the story she told in “No Tears for my Father”

At the request of her followers and members of her live memoir writing workshops, Viga Boland is currently writing a book on…you guessed it…memoir writing! Tentatively titled “Don’t Write your MEmoir without ME, it’s a motivational handbook on writing memoir. Viga hopes to have it available for purchase by the beginning of September 2016. Watch for it!

You can purchase both printed and digital copies of all of Viga’s b0oks via her personal website at http://www.vigaboland.com/store, the same place where you’ll find Memoirabilia.

Click??MEMOIRABILIA GROUP on FACEBOOK??to join our wonderful group of memoirists.??We???d love to have your input on memoir writing.

To purchase a digital copy of MEMOIRABILIA, click HERE or on the BUY MEMOIRABILIA link at the top of this site. ??Want to preview MEMOIRABILIA before you buy it? Click on the PREVIEW MEMOIRABILIA link at the top of the page.

Start reading and writing your memoir today.