Book Review: Psychopathetic


Viga Boland

Viga Boland is the author of 4 memoirs. She mentors memoir and creative writing groups for the Hamilton, Ontario Public Library. She is also a paid speaker at conferences on child sexual abuse. Viga blogs and podcasts from her site at MEMOIRABILIA, from her personal author's website, VIGA BOLAND, and on her latest site for writers of all genres, VIANVI.

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4 Responses

  1. Evelisse Castro says:

    This book sounds intriguing. I like to read about narcissism as I long to understand it. I also want to be able to spot a narcissist before it’s too late. I am, by no means, happy Barbara Studham had to live with a narcissist. However, her experience can help me and others like me. I will add this to my to-read list.

  2. LB Johnson says:

    Having “been there/done that”, I can relate and will be reading as I LOVED
    her book” Friday at 4:00.” If I had to tell Barbara anything – is it’s never too late. I met my husband who my family adores, as do I, 23 years after leaving an abusive marriage and swearing off men. I couldn’t be happier – it just took a lifetime to find it.

    LB Johnson – Author of Amazing Grace – A Story of Adoption

    • Viga Boland says:

      I’m sure Barbara will be delighted to read your comments here LB. I’ll make sure she sees them. Nice to see you supporting our other members by reading their books. So important.