Viga Boland

Viga Boland is the author of 4 memoirs. She mentors memoir and creative writing groups for the Hamilton, Ontario Public Library. She is also a paid speaker at conferences on child sexual abuse. Viga blogs and podcasts from her site at MEMOIRABILIA, from her personal author's website, VIGA BOLAND, and on her latest site for writers of all genres, VIANVI.

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5 Responses

  1. Nancy Gustafson says:

    Dear Viga,
    Thank you for sharing this story by Karen Lee. How very brave she is, as well as an inspiration. She found her way to healing and happiness. We all need to hear these tributes to bravery.

    • Viga Boland says:

      I agree Nancy that we all need to share and read such stories. Memoirs by everyday people like you, me Karen Lee and others ie.. the non-celebrities who can speak to ordinary man or woman out there are invaluable.

  2. Karen Lee says:

    Thanks so much for the feedback – yes, I agree it takes a lot of courage for any of us to face some of the issues in our lives but hiding is so much more painful in the end.

  3. Ian Alexander Tash says:

    As to be expected, another beautifully haunting tale. I can see everything so clearly by the feeling put into this and not by meticulous description. I thoroughly enjoyed this piece, a tale that stands up on it’s own. I’m extremely curious to know more. Thank you.