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Memoirabilia Editor, Gold Medal Author, Viga Boland

Meet MEMOIRABILIA editor and publisher, Viga Boland.??


Why did Viga Boland create MEMOIRABILIA?

Well, after waiting over 45 years to finally fulfill her own life-long dream of writing a book, Viga Boland wrote a book she never intended to write, “No Tears for my Father”. Why wasn’t this the book she intended to write? For one, it was a memoir, and Viga had never thought of herself as a memoir writer. Secondly, the topic was a dark one: her own true story of #incest at the hands of her biological father. Viga kept her nasty past hidden for over 40 years. Her husband and family knew nothing about the pain and shame she’d suffered as a teen for over 13 years. When the truth came out one night over dinner, her shocked husband and supportive children encouraged her to write her story to help the millions of other victims of sexual abuse out there. 10 months later, Viga self-published “No Tears for my Father”, and in 2014 was awarded a gold medal in the Readers Favorite International Book Awards.

One year later, at the request of her fans and friends, Viga published her follow-up memoir, “Learning to Love Myself”, to give hope to victims that you can move on and build a productive, happy life for yourself with the love and help of a supportive family. You can preview both books on Viga’s website and also watch videos of how she came to write the first book, along with interviews she’s had with Hamilton’s local TV station, CHCH. Both books are available in both printed and digital formats for all electronic readers from her AUTHOR’S WEBSITE, where you’ll also soon be able to purchase her newest memoir, “The Ladies of Loretto”, a humorous account of her four years attending a Catholic Girls High School in Toronto in the early 60’s. And of course, it’s from Viga’s STORE that you can purchase digital copies of MEMOIRABILIA.

Viga conceived the idea of a magazine for memoir writers after she began running memoir writing workshops for the Hamilton Public Library in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. As word grew of how enjoyable and worthwhile her workshops were, writers in other regions who were too far away to attend her workshops kept writing to her saying they wished they could somehow learn what she was teaching others. ??Bingo! Why not publish a magazine for memoir writers that could be read by anyone, anywhere in the world? On December 31, 2014, the inaugural edition of MEMOIRABILIA went to press and was greeted by enthusiasm and support from both writers and other teachers of memoir writing, some of whom, like Matilda Butler of WOMENS MEMOIRS and Denis Le Doux of THE MEMOIR NETWORK have guest editorials in Memoirabilia.

Viga’s respect and passion for memoir writing has grown enormously since publishing “No Tears for my Father”. She now knows that was the book she was indeed meant to write. It changed her life and her future. That’s why the theme of the first issue of Memoirabilia was “Your past can write your future”. It did for Viga, and it can do the same for you. Purchase copies of the electronic editions of Memoirabilia??from her personal website store and let Viga help you write your memoir. And Viga offers you another thing few writers offer their peers: a chance to be published & promoted in Memoirabilia.??See our SUBMISSIONS page for more information on how to get your stories, your life tales in Memoirabilia.

And if you would like your new memoir REVIEWED, promoted and even podcast on MEMOIRABILIA, please visit THIS LINK to find out how now.





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  1. Evelisse Castro says:

    I’m excited that you’re writing a third memoir. This one seems like it’ll be light and fun. I’m also happy you’re able to remember some of the not so horrible moments of your past. I’m really looking forward to this read! You have accomplished so much in such a short time. This shows your determination in seeing your passions completed. You have done marvelous work. You’re an amazing writer as well as a very talented editor. What you have done for others through your personal memoirs and through the Memoirabilia magazine is inspiring. You have shown victims of past abuse, particularly incest, that they are not alone and that they DO have a way out. You show us that we’re capable of living a great and happy life after abuse. Regarding the magazine, you are giving people an opportunity we rarely get??? the opportunity to share our stories too and learn through the process. Thank you, Viga.

    • Viga Boland says:

      Aw gee shucks Evelisse. Your words of praise blow me away. I thank you so much for what you have said and also for being the first to leave a comment on this new site. I hope many others will feel inspired and motivated as you are being by what I’ve done and still hope to do for other writers via Memoirabilia.

  2. This new magazine: Memoirabilia is causing a stir among memoirists! A perfect vehicle for memoir writers and students alike, the colorful magazine offers a contemporary look into the past of so many authors. Its editor, Viga Boland, is a successful memoir writer and teacher. Her three memoirs: No Tears For My Father; Learning To Love Myself, and Ladies of Loretto will push your emotional buttons; one minute having you in tears, the next in stitches. The pages of her magazine, Memoirabilia, are full of strategies to get you writing. It also offers book reviews, interviews with authors, vignettes of budding memoirists, and much more to satisfy your memoir cravings. Viga also considers submissions for print. So get writing your memoir and share with the world!

    • Viga Boland says:

      Thanks so much for this wonderful review of Memoirabilia Barbara. You’ve hit the nail pn the head when it comes to my purpose behind, and goals for this publication. And I so proud to have you being such a big part of its success.

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