Viga Boland

Viga Boland is the author of 4 memoirs. She mentors memoir and creative writing groups for the Hamilton, Ontario Public Library. She is also a paid speaker at conferences on child sexual abuse. Viga blogs and podcasts from her site at MEMOIRABILIA, from her personal author's website, VIGA BOLAND, and on her latest site for writers of all genres, VIANVI.

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  1. Nancy Gustafson says:

    Thank you, Viga, for sharing Dr. Field’s “Plotter or a Pantser”. I love her analysis of writing methods, which she has described with such good humor. I am much more comfortable as a pantser. The great thing about writing a memoir is that, as you said, we already know the story and the ending. But it is not so easy to put it all together in an interesting way and get it onto the paper. Voices From an Urn is an example of creatively telling a true story. I guess that even a “pantser” has to be a “plotter” to put it together.

    • Viga Boland says:

      Those are great observations on writing Nancy and you are right: this is an excellent article by Dawn Field. That’s why I asked her permission to share it. In retrospect I have to conclude that I, like someone else named it, am a “planter”, a plotter/pantser, except I always know the plot line when writing memoir, making it easy to be a pantser 80% of the time.

  2. Ian Alexander Tash says:

    I would have to say that I’m definitely somewhere in the middle. About half of what I write tends to be something that has been sitting and stewing for a while to where I know where I want it to start and end and I know some of the details in between (some ideas get more flushed out than others depending on how in love with them I get) but the other half of what I write is simply a matter of “I really love this premise” and just seeing what comes from there. This was definitely some great food for thought!

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