Reflection on Writing Memoir

Reflection on Writing Memoir

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2 Responses

  1. Evelisse Castro says:

    Wonderful poem Viga Boland and what a wonderful review Kathleen Hewitt left for you. This magazine is definitely opening doors for many and educating current and future authors, she is so right when she says there’s ???invaluable advice??? in Memoirabilia. I agree with you and Kathleen Hewitt, that networking with other authors is very important for the author’s personal growth. I also believe it helps the author reach his/her audience.

    • Viga Boland says:

      Thanks for commenting Evelisse. And it’s support like yours here, taking the time to leave me a few words, that makes all the difference to me too. Commments left on Memoirabilia that indicate it’s helping others, keeps me motivated to publish it. It’s a huge load pulling all the stories and articles together, but when someone says “well done” by commenting, it makes it all worthwhile.

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