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Submissions welcomed!
Submissions welcomed!


???????? Everyone, your family, friends, co-workers, neighbours etc.,?? are forever telling you that you should write a book. They say you have so many great stories to share. But you have one, no several big problems: you can???t afford to self-publish, don???t know the first thing about marketing, are scared to death of submitting to publishers or too old to wait forever for them to reply before you submit to another.

???????? Does this sound like you?

???????? But, despite all those reasons for not doing something about their suggestions, deep inside is that desire to share your story or stories and it won???t stop nagging you.

???????? Well here???s your chance to change that. Submit your 750-word (or less) stories, vignettes, poems to MEMOIRABILIA and if we like what we read, we???ll publish your piece in our section called


We???ll credit you as the writer and even link to your blog or website. And best of all, you don???t have to pay a submission fee. And if we really like it and you grant us permission, you might even find your story right here on the Memoirabilia website for everyone to read. Your choice of course. We won’t post anything online you don’t want or if you’re worried about someone stealing it. That’s understandable.

???????? We???re planning a??SPECIAL EDITION??for fall, 2015. It will be full of your life tales. But it will take a long time for us to put this one together. So the time to submit is NOW! You need to submit a finished piece to be considered. It should be free of spelling and grammar errors … I don???t have time to re-write your stories. Just send it, copied & pasted into the form below.

And don???t forget to fill out??your name, blog or website url, and email address. Don’t have a website or blog? Use our CONTACT page instead. That???s it. We???ll let you know as soon as we can how we like it and if we will be using it. So get writing and submit soon!

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