The Saving Grace of Writing

The Saving Grace of Writing

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7 Responses

  1. Joan,
    All of those steps you took, emotionally and practically to birth this book. So glad that you paid attention and can remember all that you had to discover. I laughed when you talked about font and such, I too, had to learn so much with my fingertips, starting my book on an old typewriter.
    I love having an ISBN number! congratulations again Joan for reaching such a goal.
    And know that there are many other stories inside of us.

    • Viga Boland says:

      Thanks for leaving feedback for Joan here Kathleen. Much appreciated. I’m eagerly looking forward to reading your book too. Hope we don’t have to wait too much longer.

  2. Joan Grant Lohe says:

    Thanks Kathleen, we both have a lot to be proud of

  3. Adrienne says:

    Go Grandma!!! We are so proud of you!!! Xoxo

  4. Ian Alexander Tash says:

    I love that quote about just getting to write your memoir. I might take time to wait, being a young man with family who might not be as thrilled about this memoir as yours, but I do intend to follow through no matter what. Thank you for that insight.