Viga Boland

Viga Boland is the author of 4 memoirs. She mentors memoir and creative writing groups for the Hamilton, Ontario Public Library. She is also a paid speaker at conferences on child sexual abuse. Viga blogs and podcasts from her site at MEMOIRABILIA, from her personal author's website, VIGA BOLAND, and on her latest site for writers of all genres, VIANVI.

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12 Responses

  1. gulara says:

    Many thanks for posting this, Viga. Much appreciated.

  2. Heather Lamb says:

    Well-written and meaningful article, Gulara! There is no doubt you are a writer. I absolutely agree that to hear your work read and critiqued makes you more inspired to better yourself. When those critiques are given with a spirit to help you evolve, by a group of people struggling with the same goals, there is a connection you simply cannot find sitting alone in front of a computer screen. Recently, my group gently told me that the tone of my piece came across to the reader in a totally different manner in which I intended. Thank goodness for feedback! We must remember that our reader does not know us personally, so we must write in the voice that we want to portray. Great article Gulara, and thanks for sharing it Viga.

  3. Nancy Gustafson says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this with us. It is so true that reading our work to other writers and listening to their critiques is essential for a writer. But hearing our work read by other people sometimes puts a different slant on our writing. It’s so valuable for a writer to belong to a group of writers who both listen and read each others’ work.

    • Viga Boland says:

      I know Gulara will be thrilled to read your comments Nancy. Thanks for making them.

    • Gulara says:

      Thank you for reading and commenting, Nancy. Absolutely! Being a part of a vibrant writing community is indispensable to our growth as writers. Apart from suggestions on how to improve on our writing, there is an element of being witnessed which can be so valuable. It’s also interesting what you said about others reading our work. I remember Viga posted a note on Facebook when a chapter of her book was read out loud by somebody else. Hearing our work read out by other people may help us to experience our work in a different way.

  4. Solveig says:

    Gulara, this is once again such a beautiful and inspiring piece!